What Do You Know About Mortgage Rates?

There is a fluctuation the rates of a loan scheme according to the local market structures. Right now the services that are currently available in terms of mortgage rates are around 2.99 to 5%, but they are not same all the time and vary from one time to other with the fluctuation in the market. Mortgage services are necessary and all kind of people living in a society for different purposes. This is the most important thing to understand that if you are an expat and live in Dubai then mortgage services from any bank in Dubai are very necessary for you.

mortgage - The big bro

Before going to apply for a mortgage loan either for a domestic use or for a commercial purpose, all of you have to pay attention to the revision rate on mortgage rates being provided by top banks in Dubai. Also, the type of mortgage rates matters a lot which should be clear for such services. so far two type of mortgage rates are being provided in UAE which are:

1    Fixed rate mortgage
2   Variable rate mortgage

Fixed rate mortgage is designed for a domestic purpose with a limited period of time. This is the most suitable rate that you will pay on your mortgage in an easy way with small amount installment. There is no restriction that you have to pay the loan amount in that fixed time period but you should as it will give relief from high-interest rate value.This is also possible that one can change the type of a fixed rate mortgage into a variable rate method when your agreement time period is over. Typically, these are linked to three-month, six-month or 12-month if you are taking the services for a home finance in Dubai.

Try to cover the mortgage amount in the fixed time period because a mortgage with a low-interest rate can seem like a good deal at first but quite often these can be the most expensive if you extend your time period of the agreement. Some other features if a fixed mortgage rate is:

For some of the client who is not well off in their resources, for them, a fixed mortgage type will remain unchanged reducing the chances of them getting into financial problems.

Before going to take any package, it is necessary to look into the requirement and type of mortgage rates in detail. So one should be clear first that why he/she needs a mortgage and then should decide for a deal or a package.


For all home finance in Dubai is a much-needed project to secure their future. It is never too late to start a plan for taking the home loan services. Mashreq bank in UAE is one the best option for a home loan service.

For best mortgage rates, one should have a good credit history so that the lender could rely on your financial dealings. Also be smart during the selection of a repayment method of a mortgage loan.