Maharashtra State Tourist Place to Visit

You can experience a relaxing and stress-free vacation if Maharashtra is the place you are planning to visit. Exploring the top 5 trip destinations in Maharashtra will surely be worth it. It is indeed one of the best places in India. In Maharashtra, the coast is always sultry, the hills are always scenic, and the most tourist-friendly cities are situated here. As Maharashtra is the third largest State in India, you will be wondering where you all can go during your holidays. Well for your convenience, the top 5 trip destinations in Maharashtra are listed below which you can visit:

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If you are planning a trip to Maharashtra them Mumbai has to be your start point and if you would ask why? Then the reason is that it has an International Airport and offers a chance to have a luxury vacation. This place is full of different people from different cultures and is surely a flavourful destination. You can explore different places in Mumbai like Global Vipassana Pagoda which is the relevant place for meditation, Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount and a ferry ride to Elephanta Island to explore the 600 AD caves and admire the artistic perfection and excellence quietly.

Another best holiday destinations in Maharashtra include Pune, which has a zesty crowd and is famous for its high- spirited nightlife and other attractions. You can go and shake a leg at the swanky bars, and especially check out the revolving dance floor which will all twist and turn your mood and spice it up. There are many other places to be visited in Pune which includes, Sinhagad Fort which is a romantic escape to fill your hearts with awe. You can also explore the historic sites that Pune has to show you and you simply cannot afford to miss them.

The next most recommendable trip destinations in Maharashtra include Matheran which is a charming hill station which will let you forget about all your worries and frustrations. It is spread in the Western Ghats range and is considered to be n environmental- friendly place that does not allow any vehicle and walking or taking a pony ride is the only option available for you to explore this beautiful place. Here at Matheran, you can enjoy basking in the warm sun, panoramic views and a pleasant weather which will surely compel you to extend your holidays. You can also go for sightseeing at Echo point, Alexander point, VikatgadPeb Fort and Louisa point.

This is another famous and most visited hill station in Mumbai which offers such epic views that you might just want to stay back for days here and get internal peace. You will see quiet surroundings and cool breeze which makes Mahabaleshwar a famous summer destination for people, especially for the people staying I Mumbai cities. You can see the Wilson point, Vena Lake, Trekking spots, and beautiful waterfalls like Chinaman and Dhobi Waterfalls. Indeed you must not leave Mahabaleshwar before visiting places like Afzal Khan Tomb, Parta Garden, and Pratapgarh Fort.

A place which is most suitable for couples is perhaps Lavasa. It has soothing vibes, pleasant weather pebble streets, and colorful buildings. This place will surely remind you of Italy and you will feel as if you are roaming around in a quaint little Italian town like Portofino. You can also explore the nearby beauties of Lavasa by going out for a trek to the wet forest and Mulshi dam. For a romantic and scenic sight, visit this dam in monsoons.

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