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How To Choose The Best Security Company?

You must be concerned about the security system of your building or apartment or your own home. A bunch of different security services Vancouver are available to protect your premises. However, you should consider some of the company’s services and facilities before hiring them. Some major services that must be included in the security package are discussed below.

1) Active armed and unarmed personnel

The guards must be absolutely fit and well trained with professional communication skills. It is always a wiser choice to secure your house with some educated and disciplined people. The unarmed guards do not carry any weapons with them, but they play a massive role in the security services. They have to keep sharp attention at every other property which is within the concerned premises. They have to maintain all the entry and exit on the gate along with the inspection of the property. However, the armed guards possess a license to carry all the weapons and other dangerous, harmful stuff.

2) CCTV surveillance

Opt for the company which provides a professional working CCTV set-up. The CCTV system is the combination of strategic placement of cameras along with the smart supervision by the experts from the installed screens. The integrated CCTV systems help the personnel to keep a better eye on the activities, and it provides instant notifications when something suspicious happens in the premises. It is extremely helpful when any person wants to do additional investigations to collect shreds of evidence and information regarding any particular crime scene. Make sure that the company provides extensive CCTV coverage to capture every corner of the building. Take the CCTV security system which has security lighting, access control, security alarm systems and fire alarm systems.

3) The Mobile Patrol facility

There are a bunch of tasks that are very important and need to be executed by the personnel. The mobile patrol services include locking and opening all the locks all the doors of the building, setting up the emergency alarms, checking the access points, ensuring that the facilities if the premises are secured, dealing with the maintenance staff and the amenities contractors and a lot more. They also need to perform random patrolling within the premises to keep a check on the activities and report any potential security, health and safety issues. Look for the company with vigilant officers who will scrutinize over the building premises, office areas, common areas, fenced perimeters and the doors and windows of your business. Make sure that the patrolling vehicles are equipped with the GPS system for better tracking.

4) The Alarm system and fire emergencies

Customized alarm system provides better consultation and evaluation of the security. The officers need to be highly trained specially to deal with issues in high-visibility and high-public interaction settings. Moreover, the fire watch system is also very essential for the building. It is required if the primary fire system cannot alert the residents in case of any fire scene.


Investing in a good security system is always a wiser choice in order to get a relaxed sleep. In case, you are looking for security Guards services in Vancouver, then do check out Regent Security Services for some outstanding security amenities and facilities.

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