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The oldest seed crop with wonderful beauty benefits

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

The deep yellowish oil pulled out from the seeds of sesame has been widely used as therapeutic and restorative oil from past many decades. The seeds have a nutty flavor and are high in nutritional value are the well favored ingredients in many cuisines. Besides the cooking purpose the sesame serves a greater purpose of cosmetic, ones that are particularly used for skin. The anti-inflammatory and disinfectant abilities make it efficient enough to diminish pimples and guards skin from developing rashes. The therapeutic abilities of the sesame seeds facilitates quick soothing of the wounds 

How the sesame is superior over other seeds?

This history of sesame dates back to 3500 years and known as the oldest oil seed crop for the humanity. Chief native of Africa also some regions of India grow sesame. The oil is highly nutritious and laxative enriched with essential vitamins like E, K, B6 and D and significant minerals such as calcium, proteins and phosphorous it helps in making your skin and hairs healthy 

Being the carrier oil for several cosmetics sesame oil is high in demand across the cosmetic industry. However, the chief factor that sesame oil production is not carried by the sesame buyers rests on the expensive process in the extraction of oil despite of all the wonderful benefits the production is not much encouraged 

The wonderful sesame oil and a youthful skin 

Sesame oil is a package of ingredients that are time tested for offering a delicate and smooth texture for your skin. The existence of fatty acids and the linoleic acids serves as an efficient moisturizer for you skin care 

The vitamin B, D and E compounds are enough effective to remove spots and scars on the skin as well as rashes. The greater density and wonderful traits make it the best massaging choice. The oil can penetrate deeper in the skin pores. The deep absorbing powers aids the oil to toil from inner surface of the skin hence regulating the blood circulation. Some particular benefits of sesame oil includes 

Prevention of fungal and bacterial infections 

The oil is effective for the treatment of inflamed and broken skin. The antibacterial traits fights against infections and because of its anti-inflammatory properties it can used without any other essential oil 

As soon as the oil is absorbed in the deeper layers of the skin, it provides detoxifying effects that keeps the blood flow efficient giving a natural glow. The sesame oil has therapeutic effects that treats certain skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, heals joints pain and reduce certain skin infections  

Removing dead skin cells and revitalizing the skin 

In spite of its intensity and sticky texture the sesame oil is easily penetrated into the skin. For massage it is often used with other essential oil however depending on the individual requirements. The oil is highly efficient when used to revitalize the damaged cells and enhancing blood circulation. It’s quite safe and handy to blend sesame oil with other essential oils. The sesame oil massage strengthens the body tissues that aids in overall health and appearance of the skin 

Combats premature aging of the skin 

A wonderful feature of sesame oil is it retains the youthful skin and glow. Preventing the skin cells from the oxidation and enhances skin revitalizing. The antioxidant known as the sesamol reduces fine lines and wrinkles while closing pores. There are number of cosmetic products that can aids in same purpose but sesame oil promises a natural lift with no side effects