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Tips to Choose a CA Preparation Institute

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

CA is one of the toughest exams in our country. Every year millions of students aspire to become CA but very few are able to live their dream. Though CA no doubt is a tough course but with proper guidance and hard work you can get through the exam.

CA is high in demand profession among commerce students.Students generally opt for commerce stream in class 11th because they want to become a CA. Students belonging to commerce background are generally found as CA’s because of the subjects present in the commerce stream, these subjects in 11th and 12th standard make the base of the CA exam.

First and foremost thing while starting your CA preparation is to have a clear cut idea of the entire syllabus. So that you have an idea of what to study and how much to study. Once you are done with the syllabus thing the second most important thing is to have proper planning and guidance.

At this stage Coaching Institute’s play a crucial role. Students prefer to take coaching at every stage of the CA exam. The main purpose of going to the best CA coaching institute is to get proper guidance and have the surety of result.

But the selection of a coaching Institute should be done wisely. As you devote your considerable time at the coaching institute you should be sure that they will not waste your limited preparation time and offer you quality study.

So in this article, we will discuss the things you should keep in mind while choosing a CA preparation Institute.

Look for proper Guidance

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while choosing a CA Preparation Institute is to look for proper guidance. Until and unless you get proper guidance you won't be able to qualify any level of CA. Before joining any institute try to find about its way of teaching from the students already studying in that institute so that you can get some idea what they claim and what they actually offer.


Past Result

Always look at their past performance, how many rankers they produce in every attempt, whether they have a specialty for a particular stage of CA  which can be figured out from their past result in each level.Look at the overall pass percentage of their batches i.e., among the total strength how many passed and the number of rankers produced. It will help you analyze what your chances will be of becoming a ranker or passing the exam.

Time Commitment

Coaching institutes make great commitments of completing the course in the stipulated time but are generally seen failing on their commitment.

Most of the coaching institutes cannot complete the course on time and are seen rushing in the last months of preparation by  taking extra classes and seen consuming students revision time which sometimes costs students their result because just completion, of course, will not serve the purpose retentivity is also important unless and until you remember the things you studied for so long there is no use of completing the syllabus because eventually when you give the exam you will write only what you remember, and the syllabus of CA being  very vast you are required to allot sufficient time in your study plan for revision. So just to complete the course on time the coaching institutes compromise on study quality also.

Batch Size

Batch size is a crucial factor while taking admission in coaching institutes. The so-called coaching institutes in order to mint money stuff students in a single batch like cows and buffalo. Sometimes the batch is so crowded that a student is unable to find a place to sit in the class. And with so much of crowd students are not able to concentrate in class and most of the time they do not get a chance to raise their doubts.Which defeats the purpose of joining a coaching institute.

Mock Test Series

Mock Test series play a very important role in your CA Exams preparation. Mock tests make you ready for the exam like environment, you will be able to improve your speed, will get to know whether you will complete the entire paper on time, analyze your level of preparation. So, now you must know the benefits of Mock tests and their importance.While selecting a coaching institute see whether they conduct regular mock tests or not, how is the checking of answers done, is it as per ICAI’s guidelines or not.

We hope we have provided all the relevant information that should be kept in mind while selecting a CA preparation Institute. So while on a institute hunt try to keep all these points in mind and choose the best coaching institute which increases your chances of being a rank holder. Do not compromise on the quality for a few thousand rupees as this can be a deciding factor for your future result.