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Various Types of Respiratory Masks for CPAP

Sleep apnea or sleeping disorder is undoubtedly a huge health disorder in the entire U.S, affecting more than 22 million people. Whether it is moderate or severe, sleep apnea needs to be treated with the right therapy. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to sleep peacefully, which leads to nothing but an eventual deterioration of health.

Most sleep apnea patients receive treatment through respiratory masks and CPAP machines, which is the standard way of treating. A respiratory machine's job is to supply the air pressure directly through the nostrils or mouth to prevent obstructive sensations while sleeping. So, here are the types of respiratory face gears that are available for CPAP therapy.

Nasal Pillows

Nasal pillows are one of the effective ways of treating sleep apnea. Nasal pillows come with a compact design that only covers a minimum area on the face. The nasal pillows work bypassing the direct airflow inside the nostrils. For those who feel comfortable with the low to moderate air pressure setting, a nasal pillow serves them the proper therapy setting.

Nasal pillows are helpful for those who have claustrophobia issues with larger masks. Nasal pillows are not bulky and quite comfortable, which makes them easier to wear for the patients who have tendencies to move a lot while sleeping.

Nasal CPAP Mask

Unlike nasal pillows, a nasal CPAP face gear covers the area from the nose bridge to the upper lip portion of the face. The nasal CPAP masks work by delivering indirect airflow to the airways with huge pressure settings.

Without covering the full-face area, it only covers a small area and makes the treatment effective. The airflow, which is served through the nasal CPAP mask, offers a natural flow of air.

Full Face CPAP Mask

Full face masks are the face gears for sleep apnea, which cover a large area of the face. The CPAP mask creates a seal over both airways. Though the size is bulk, it works well for those who breathe through their mouth and requires a higher setting of airflow.

Also, it becomes useful for those who have some medical issues. For patients who suffer from congestion due to cold and other allergies, or any kind of nasal obstruction, the full-face CPAP mask gives proper support through wide coverage.

Pediatric Mask

Pediatric masks are specially designed to give proper support to the obstructive sleep apnea in children. These face gears are small in size and provide better coverage to the small faces.

Pediatric respiration masks deliver a natural airflow, which makes breathing easier and suitable for kids.


Respiratory masks are the best way to ensure the therapy, whether it is mild symptoms or severe problems. Picking the right one ensures effective treatment, along with proper comfort while sleeping so that patients can sleep without being worried.

Also, there are several manufacturers who produce various types of CPAP masks that you can pick as per your need and requirements to meet your treatment.